“co-managerial skill’

Paper details v

1- Students Will engage in ten hours of approved community service-
a) My ten hours of approved community service is a long-term care facility
2- All community service must be approved by the instructor prior to participation- Service that is performed Without approval Will receive a zero for
the assignment-
D) My community service has been approved
3- Students must perform actual hands on work for their service hours and not shadow. ShadOWing is not serving and Will result in a zero for the
assignment grade-
4- Students Will not be allowed to provide any direct hands on care or counseling if volunteering at a health care organization-
5- Students Will write a three-page paper relating to the managerial skills they observed the leader using to interact With the volunteers and the
6- The managerial skills that I observed and I Will like to write about is “co-managerial skill”
7- Concepts to address in the paper include:
a- How did the leader motivate and engage volunteers?
b- Did the leader use praise and reward to make volunteers productive?
c- What type(s) of leadership model(s) did the leader use?
(1. Was the leader effective? Why or why not?
e- What interpersonal skills did the leader use?




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