Coaching Plan Preparation

Complete Parts 1-3 below as preparation for developing your coaching plan. Approach each part as a way to
help the principal at your school understand the differences between coaching and mentoring, as well as
consider important questions related to the coaching plan.
Part 1:
Create a chart, diagram, or other visual display of the characteristics, roles, and responsibilities of coaching
and mentoring. Highlight the similarities and differences between the two.
Part 2:
Prepare a handout, brochure, poster, or other job aid that you can share with the principal and teachers on
your campus that addresses the following questions:

  1. What factors must you keep in mind when working alongside a new principal?
  2. What questions must you ask before determining a new coaching model or program?
  3. What are the strengths of the staff and how can these strengths be utilized in your coaching plan?
  4. In what areas will teachers need the most support? How will you determine these areas of need?
  5. How should goals for student learning be determined? How should those goals be addressed?
    Part 3:
    Develop a list of five questions to ask the principal as you develop your coaching plan. Provide a rationale for
    each question and an explanation of how the principal’s responses will help guide you in developing an
    effective coaching plan.

Sample Solution