Coca Cola company

What is the mechanism your company uses to come to resolution when legitimate differences of opinion occur inside the company between the business, functional, and local organizations, especially when those differences of opinion cross country borders?
Does the company have specific organizational roles charged with the responsibilities of Global Business Managers, Worldwide Functional Managers, and Country Subsidiary Managers, as described in Chapter 7 (Bartlett & Beamish, 2014)? What titles do these roles have?
How much relative weight (see p. 623) and voice (see pp. 623-624) do the business, the functions, and the local subsidiaries have at the corporate table?
Using the matrix in Reading 7-2 (Bartlett & Ghoshal, 2007, p. 631), select one subsidiary for each quadrant, and explain why the company uses or should use that strategy for that subsidiary. Be sure to discuss all four quadrants. The company’s 10k report is a good source to find subsidiaries.
Based on your research this week, do you still believe the internationalization mentality you identified in Week 5 is correct and why? If not, which one do you now feel is correct, and why?



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