Cognitive behavior theory

For this assignment you will be combining skills learned in chapters 11-generalization, 12-self-management, and the additional materials provided on cognitive behavior therapy. You will be developing a social skills lesson plan for a group of individuals with EBD using one of the follow Cognitive Behavior Play Therapy Strategies. Preview the document Please use the following template to create your lesson plan: CBPT – Social Skills Lesson Plan Template.docxPreview the document A few items to keep in mind: You can develop this plan for any age range but please note the age range on your document You must include and identify (by name) a generalization strategy within your lesson plan You must include and identify (by name) a self-management strategy within your lesson plan The lesson plan steps must be written with “Replicable precision” meaning if you hand this lesson plan to someone else, they will be able to fully implement it with no further instructions.

Sample Solution