Cognitive Dissonance

For this paper you will apply your understanding of social psychology in proposing a novel research project related to any concept in the field. 1.(Cognitive Dissonance Theory) You will need to review and summarize previous research on this topic in the form of a literature review. 2. second step is to propose a research question that expands upon the current theory, applies this theory to new issue, or offers a new interpretation of the current theory. Once your research question has been proposed, 3. last step will be to generate a hypothesis which states a clear prediction of what will happen under a particular circumstance, and why your hypothesis would be supported if tested. The following question should be answered in the paper • What is the story of the topic of interest? What has past research told us about this topic? What point has the literature lead us to in terms of understanding this psychological phenomenon? • What is your research question of interests’? (e g Does similarity increase attractiveness? Will saying I love you before commitment decrease or increase attraction? Will my performance on a physical task increase if a member of the opposite sex is watching me?) • What is your hypothesis? What do you expect to find?

Sample Solution