College life and/or college education

Read the Synthesis Essay Assignment Sheet first. Once you have a clear understanding of what you will write
about, begin by drafting your thesis statement. Please submit your thesis statement by Wednesday, November
18th. The essay should synthesize multiple sources (assigned readings). The essay length should be six to
eight pages to include the title, abstract, and reference pages. WRITING PROMPT: Based upon the reading
assignments below, you will write a minimum 5-page synthesis essay in APA format. The 5 pages must include
a title page, abstract page, essay (2 pages), and reference page.
Reading Assignments:
“Who Are You and What Are You Doing Here? A Word to the Incoming Class” by Mark Edmundson (Greene
and Lidinsky 405-415)
“How Big-Time Sports Ate College Life” by Laura Pappano (Greene and Lidinsky 416-426)

Sample Solution