commercial Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Investigate the bending failure, using a commercial Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software package ABAQUS, of two hollow steel tubes with:

1 – a square cross-section.
2- a circular cross-section.

Please see the assignment Brief. These two Steel tubes need to be modelled on ABAQUS CAE Software, using the measurements/numbers as detailed in the assignment brief.

Task 2:

And there is a Technical Report (Minumum 1000 words) and this report will contain tables and figures.

to be written covering the areas below:

  1. Problem Description: In this section, you should describe the physical problems, including assumptions and justifications, and the details of the numerical methods applied to estimate the physical behaviour.
  2. Model Verification: Describe how the numerical analysis was ensured to be an accurate estimation of the mathematical model (i.e., verified), including evidence of this accuracy and its interpretation.
  3. Results and Discussion: Show the results that were considered by you to be sig-nificant and discuss why the results are significant, how they relate to expectations from fundamental mechanics theories, and/or how they compare to similar studies in the scientific literature.
  4. References: List of citations following a standard scientific publication format.

When writing up, make sure that you fully describe and justify the choices and assumptions that you have made for each of your analyses and ensure that your results could be repeated with any standard FEA software package. Thus do not use terminology/details specific to the particular software you have used.

Sample Solution