Committee hearing

This assignment will require that you observe a Congressional committee hearing, con-duct
research on the topic, and report your findings. Committees are the workhorses of Congress, and much of the
legwork regarding the construction of legislation occurs at this stage of the process. This assignment will
acclimate you to the inner workings of this stage of the legislative process. The Assignment Your job in this
assignment is to:•Watch at least 1 hour of a legislative committee session (of your choice). Rules committees
will get you straight to some legislation. Other committees will include a mix of hearings on specific legislation,
while others will be focused on information and/or policy discussions. Identify and describe one piece of
legislation or the topic of interest that is being discussed by the Committee. If a bill is being discussed:–Identify
the bill (HR 31, S 2314, e.g.).–Provide a summary of the bill (This bill would…e.g.).•If the committee is not
discussing a specific bill:–Identify the topic of the hearing (In this hearing, the committee is discussing…,e.g.)–
Discuss some of the points brought up in the hearing (Some members were concerned about…, e.g.).1
•You will also need to engage in some outside research on that bill/topic. You do not need a prescribed number
of sources, but the source material you utilize should be high-quality information (no user-generated content,
e.g.). For example, if you watch a committee hearing on hemp laws in the United States, you may consult the
literature to see what impacts hemp legalization may bring. Or, if you watcha committee hearing on the impacts
of covid-19 on education, you may want to conduct research and include a description of the data on those
impacts. You have some flexibility here. Feel free to consult with me as to what your ideas are, or where to go
for your research. Google scholar and the University library are both great first-run attempts at conducting your
research. Identify and describe the discussion around the legislation/topic. For example, were experts called in
to testify? Was there heated debate between members of the committee? Did other members of the committee
speak? Questions addressed? Did it appear to be very divisive or was there consensus? You are not required
to use any of these examples, but this level of analysis is what is expected in your paper. Provide your thoughts
on the portion of the committee meeting you watched. For example, is the legislation interesting?

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