Common Assignment Government

You are required to select and engage in the one of the following acts of political participation, and write about the experience.

Choose from the list below… • Write a letter to the editor of a major newspaper • Write a letter to an elected official (local, state, or national) • Attend an interest group or political party meeting Attend a meeting of local government Volunteer for a political party or candidate Attend a political protest Register to vote Participate in a voter registration drive Create a YouTube video calling for political action As you write about your experience: 10. Answer the 6 W’s (who was involved; what was the act and what happened; when did it take place; why did you participation in the act; where did you participate; and how did you participate). 11. Identify the ways your chosen act of political participation leads to increased voter turnout. If it leads to voter turnout, how? If not, why? 12. See the Resources Module above for additional help. Requirements for the Common Assignment: • Read all the information under the Resources module above • Do not use contractions and/or informal language • You must attach proof (a picture of you at the event, minutes from the meeting, a letter from the organization, a picture of the letter and the envelope addressed and stamped, etc.) • Discuss your political participation exercise in detail by answering the 6 W’s (who, what, when, why, where, and how)





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