Directions: For this Report, select one of the ten most common complimentary therapies among U.S. Adults (see the Focus on Understanding
Complementary and Integrative Health section in the textbook which begins on p. 468). Select a therapy that is of interest to you. Now find three peerreviewed research articles from the UVU library data base. The articles should describe research where the effectiveness of the therapy is being studied.
Once you have gathered three articles, read and summarize (do not simply copy and paste from the article) the articles. Be sure to include the following:
Your first paragraph should include an introduction of your topic and why you selected the therapy.
Next, write a full paragraph for each of the articles you selected. Be sure to use APA formatting for both your in-text citations and your reference list.
Your final paragraph should include your overall impression of the effectiveness of the therapies.
Please use the Report/Research Writing Guidelines.

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