Common goals of the victims’ rights movement

  1. What are the three common goals of the victims’ rights movement?
  2. What types of crimes are covered under the victim compensation program?
  3. Describe the purpose of the family justice center?
  4. What is the objective of restorative justice?
  5. Name at least 3 common rights provided to victims and define these rights.
  6. What happens if a state does not follow the law in terms of the rights granted to victims?
  7. Explain the Victim-Offended Mediation Program.
  8. Explain the CONCEPT of the mediation or diversion program. It this program a good process especially for victims?
  9. What is a victim impact statement?
  10. In your opinion, do you think it is fair for victims, friends, love one, etc to provide victim impact statements? Do judges make sentencing decisions based on what he/she hears?
  11. Who is part of peacemaking circles or sentencing circles?
  12. Explain why the Child Victims Bill of Rights are important and what are important features of the bill.
  13. Why was the Violence Against Women Act 2000 enacted?
  14. What expansions was added to the Violence Against Women Act in 2013?
  15. Read the passage “Ripped From The Headlines.” What are both negative and positives from this procedure.

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