Communicable diseases

Select one of the following communicable diseases that has had an outbreak across international borders:

Respiratory syndrome coronavirus
Meningococcal disease
Ebola virus
Hepatitis B
Hepatitis C
Zika virus

B. Describe the outbreak of the disease selected in part A, including each of the following:
Name of the disease
The countries involved
The date the outbreak was discovered
The dates the disease reached each involved country

  1. Analyze the epidemiological determinants and risk factors associated with the outbreak.
  2. Discuss the route of transmission of the selected disease.
  3. Discuss how an outbreak of the selected disease would impact your community at a systems level (e.g., the functioning of schools, local government, businesses, hospitals).
  4. Explain what the reporting protocol would be if an outbreak of the selected disease were to occur in your community.
  5. Discuss two strategies (e.g., patient education strategies, community education strategies) that you would recommend to prevent an outbreak of the selected disease in your community.

Sample Solution