Communicating information, concepts, and ideas.

Develop a research report to generic strategies, competitive advantage, strategic orientations, international strategic decisions and business models related to AGTHIA GROUP (Al Ain Water), using research analysis skills and knowledge acquired in class, and submit a detailed research report of approx. 2,000 words (+/-250). Identify the most significant theories/concepts relevant to strategy choices and different types of business model and strategic analytical tools.

• 1. Regarding the food and beverage industry, identify and analyse key success factors, valuable resources, and competitive advantages (RBV, VRIO, 5 forces, value chain) that lead the company to take an edge over competitors and critically assess how each valuable resource contributes to its performance (CLO 1 – 10 marks)
• 2. Assuming that the company is seeking to invest in clean, innovative, vegan and protein water, extrapolate on what strategic moves (samples of strategic tools you can use: BCG, Value creation, Generic competitive strategies, offensive, defensive, business model, game theory, TWOS) the company should adopt to competitively reposition itself in the beverage industry. Justify your answer (CLO 3 – 5 marks) (CLO4 – 10 marks)
• 3. Al Ain Water, like many other companies, is facing a significant future challenges to providing healthy drinking-water and to stay competitive. Propose detailed alternatives the company may implement at strategic level to address this issue. Critically assess and appraise those alternatives (CLO4 – 15 marks)

Sample Solution