Communicating with clients in the real world

1) Choose a company that you would like to pitch your services to. For this exercise, you will be selling your services to upper management of the corporation you choose as your potential client. Clarify what is most important for your client. What are key performance indicators for this client (Leads, Sales, Sign-ups, etc…)? What does your potential client need and why do they need it? Avoid industry jargon like CPC (cost per click), Page Rank and SEO unless you explain exactly what it is and why your company/client needs it. If you don’t think your case study company would benefit from PPC, choose another company that would.

2) Put together a mock-up of your proposed tactics (focus on PPC), the budget for your offer, and the time-frame for your services. Remember that we are pitching our services to upper management who cares much more about the bottom line return on their money invested in the campaign than fancy tools or rankings. For example, stress benefits like easy tracking and low cost per lead. Be sure to research keywords, competitors and opportunities with your membership. For those of you who would like some guidance on how much to charge,
visit costs-of- services

Sample Solution