Communicating with the public

focus on communicating with the public through public hearings. At this point in your study of public administration you likely have attended a public hearing or viewed a public hearing online. If you haven’t, I urge you to attend a city council meeting, county board of supervisors meeting, school board meeting, or legislative committee meeting, it is truly a worthwhile experience. The Baker, Addams, and Davis article (from the Week 5 reading) discusses factors of successful public hearings. To provide some additional ‘real world’ context to this topic, in this week’s discussion consider the guidelines provided by Baker, Addams, and Davis for successful public hearings and apply them to your own experience of attending or not attending public hearings

Focuses on ideas of how to expand the effectiveness of public hearings. Review the Baker, Addams, and Davis article, consider your own experience, and conduct your own internet research in order to support your ideas. On this Discussion POST I am looking for a real in depth Research based discussion. That means on this POST – No First Person and you MUST provide citations to back up your post. Your discussion post should be a minimum of two, well-developed paragraphs and include properly APA formatted in text citations and references.

Sample Solution