write a 1-2 page paper on your communication style base off our lecture. What communication style do you have? Why do you think you have this communication style (provide examples). Do you think that this is a good style to have? Why or why not? Is there one communication style that you think you would not be able to work with? Why or why not? Paper needs to be APA format

There are four different communication styles – passive, aggressive, passive-aggressive, and assertive.

  1. Passive Communication – Not expressing your own needs, wants, opinions, or expressing them so indirectly that they will not be addressed. Some characteristics of passive communication styles are –

Giving in and saying “yes” when you really don’t want to
Not speaking up for yourself when you want something
Sending mixed messages (verbal and nonverbal messages are not consistent).
Results – you do not usually get what you want. You often feel cheated, frustrated, or taken advantage of.

  1. Aggressive Communication – Attempting to get what you want or expressing how you feel in a way that may offend or hurt others. Some characteristics of aggressive communication styles are –

Using humiliation or sarcasm to get your point across
Using threats or force
Taking what you want, or just doing what you want
Manipulation and or control
Results – You may feel that you have “won” for the moment, but this style often leads to increased conflict.

3.Passive-Aggressive Communication – You appear passive on the surface but you are really acting out anger in a subtle indirect, or behind-the-scenes way.

Mutter to themselves rather than confront the person or issue
Use facial expressions that do not match how they feel – smiling when angry
Using sarcasm
Deny there is a problem
Result – Becoming alienated from those around them. Discharge resentment while real issues are never addressed so they cannot mature.

  1. Assertive Communication – Honestly expressing your opinions, feelings, attitudes, and rights in a way that does not infringe on the rights of others.

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