What does it mean when we say: Men often communicate to report; women often communicate to establish rapport.
Discuss this concept and how does this difference (report versus establishing rapport) impact male-female communication?

 What is the difference between RACE and ETHNICITY? What does “discrimination†mean? Have you ever been discriminated against, and if so, how did you feel and what solution can we offer to stop this kind of behavior?

Define the following: Culture; Co-Culture ; and Worldview and Enculturation. Why do you think it is no longer correct to say “sub-culture?†( we now say co-culture) What does “sub†symbolize?

  3. Hofstede’s cultural dimensions are on pg. 95 -97. What are these dimensions, and go to GOOGLE and look up the TWO new dimensions that have been added to this list to ”discuss these two dimensions briefly.

4. CHOOSE one of the dimensions and apply it to an intercultural relationship”American and Japanese. What issues could occur between these two people in a relationship?







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