Communication Analysis

Having you share a few points about an HISTORICAL person that
has impacted your life.
This speech is to be about an HISTORICAL person that has somehow impacted you.
The speech should include:
A visual aid (5 points)
A typed outline (5 points)
An Introduction with
an attention getter,
a clear thesis,
a preview of your main points
A strong body with
At least two main points
At least 2 supporting pieces of content for each main point,
A transition between each point.
A conclusion with
a summery statement of the main points covered,
a closing statement that refers back to the attention getter.
Time is 3-5 minutes. You must be within the time frame to receive credit for the speech. Practice presenting it
and time yourself before you present in class.
This speech will be presented to a small group during our zoom meeting. You must be in the zoom call during
the class time and present your speech to receive credit.
Upload the outline in a Word document for your presentation.
Visual Aid should be seen in the presentation
This speech:
is credit/no credit. You will get 10 points for participating.
The outline
Outline for the speech is 5 points.
Symbols: Use the appropriate designated symbols as discussed in a prior module
Sections: Have an introduction, body and a conclusion
Works cited: Have a works cited page in APA format
The Visual Aid
VA is 5 points
Adhere to the guidelines discussed
Go Big or go home
Dress for Success
Too much of a good thing is still too much
Out of sight out of mind
Preferred language style Simple (Easy vocabulary, simple grammar constructions)

Sample Solution