Communication; Critical Analysis of an Intercultural Story

Discuss how communication represents, creates, and sustains cultural practices, perceptions,
identities, and behaviors. We examine how power and privilege work to structure interactions between
members of differently positioned cultural groups in uneven and sometimes unfair ways. This short paper
assignment asks you to analyze an intercultural story in relation to this constitutive power of communication.
So the stories you have to analyze are from a podcast on NPR titled Rough Translation with the episode called

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    After you familiarize yourself with your chosen intercultural story, you need to find at least two additional
    credible sources to expand your understanding of the issues that are at play in the story. With your primary,
    secondary,and textbook sources, you will then analyze the various intercultural dimensions and aspects of the
    Your paper should be4-5 pages (1000word minimum, excluding references)and must include the following;
    a)Identification of the different cultural contexts that are at play in relation to the story
    b)Identification of the intercultural components in relation to the story
    c)Application of a minimum of 2 concepts learned in the course to explain, understand, and analyze the issues
    involved in the case. (the concepts are in additional materials)
    d)Additional research with a minimum of 2 credible sources beyond your textbook to support your points.
    e)Sources should be cited both in-text and in a reference list using APA

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