Examine your own geographical area and find a physical community that matches that of your case study family.
Review the windshield survey guidelines.
Review the Windshield Survey Resources activity.
Observe your case study family’s community by driving around the area. Consider aspects of the community that could affect residents’ health and any Healthy People 2020 Leading Health Indicators that may be applicable to the community.
Complete a windshield survey that addresses the following components:
• Boundaries
• Housing and zoning
• Open space
• Commons
• Transportation
• Social service centers
• Stores, businesses, and industries
• Street people and animals
• Condition of the area
• Race, culture, and ethnicity
• Religion
• Health indicators and morbidity
• Politics
• Media
• Signs of decay
• Crime rate
• Employment rate
• Schools
• Environmental factors
• Public services (fire, police)
Compile your data and format your assignment to:
• 700- to 1,050-word summary
• Windshield Survey Resources

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