Prepare a 3-4 page report on a critical health issue in a community or state- Describe
the factors that contribute to the health issue and interventions that have been
implemented- Explain the scope and role of nursing in the interventions, and
recommend ways the scope of the interventions might be expanded-

What kinds of public health care services are available in your community? Do you
think these services adequately meet the needs of the community?

How would you improve the scope of the services?

Suppose your organization is concerned about a number of health issues that have
either affected an increased number of the residents in the community or show the
probability of affecting a larger number of people in the population- Your organizational
leaders have asked different health care professionals within the organization,
including you, to examine the issues from your perspective, and to submit a report that
includes evidence-based ways to address the issues.

identify a critical health care issue in your community or state-
You may choose either a public health issue, such as sudden infant death syndrome
(SIDS), measles, Lyme disease, asthma, et cetera; or a community health issue, such
as uncontrolled diabetes, congestive heart disease, 30-day readmission, et cetera.
Within the report:

Describe one critical health issue in your community or state that has grown larger or
has the potential to become larger.

Explain the factors that contribute to this health issue. Consider things such as access
to health care services, economics, culture, attitude, education, health care policies,
and so on-

Describe any interventions your community or state has put in place to address the
health care issue. Include information on how long the interventions have been in
place, how the community was made aware of the interventions, and so on.

Describe the scope and role of nursing and public health nursing in the interventions to
reduce the health issue-




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