Companies’ Expectations of Employees and Challenges of Technology Use

Today’s organizations strive to increase efficiency and to become even more competitive. Find at least one
source (scholarly or mass media incl. good quality websites) to answer the following questions. If you use
websites, don’t copy and paste from them. You need to cite used sources (APA style). You need to answer all 3
What do today’s organizations/companies expect from their employees and how do they treat them to improve
business success?
What role does technology really play to stay competitive (you don’t need to relate solely to communication
technologies)? Is technology more important than employee performance? (name at least 3 aspects that speak
for or against new technology)
What challenges do employees face with new technologies and how could employers help them to overcome
those challenges? (name and explain at least 3 challenges)
Your paper needs to be at least 1 1/2 pages long, full sentences, used sources need to be cited. Read the
general assignment instructions carefully before you write your paper (posted on Carmen under
Modules/Online Assignment 1). There you will find more information about the required font/layout of your
paper. Upload only word or pdf files. Don’t type directly in the text/comment field like you do for TRAs.
Make sure to read and comment on the paper of another student after posting your paper on the discussion.
How to do that is explained in the general instructions.

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