Company Analysis

A small travel company asks you to create a website (4 Pages) that assists people who are looking to travel to different places in the United States. Below are the requirements for the website:

Create a home page of the site – Create a fictitious travel company name.
Create another page that allows the user to enter zip codes.
Using AJAX, call a service to convert the zip code to a city & state and add it to a list.
Provide the functionality to allow the user to move the city and state to the top or bottom of the list.
Once the user enters 4 items in the list, allow them to submit the page which takes them to the customer registration page.
On the Customer Registration Page, include the following:
First Name
Last Name
Email Address
Comments (a textarea element)
A “Register” Button
Make sure all fields are completed before allowing them to register.
After the user hits the “Register” button and clears the validation, it should go to a Congratulations page which shows a congratulations message that shows the user’s full name that was entered on the registration page along with the current date and time.
Be creative. Include images on your web pages and anything else you learned to make it stand out.

Zip all the files that make up your website (web pages, images, etc) and upload the .zip file.

Sample Solution