Compare both characters in both stories Leonie and Boy Willie

Sing, Unburied, Sing By Jessmyn Ward’s – Leonie
The Piano Lesson By August Wilson’s – Boy Willie

OED’s definition of nostalgia to better articulate how the authors use it to express important ideas in these texts. When comparing these characters your essay should take note of the different literary forms—the novel and the play—as well as the different time periods when these works were written—the 2010s vs the 1980s—to help you articulate your understanding of these distinctive characters.A good paper features a title and opens with an introduction that orients the reader by identifying texts, authors and approach (thesis). The thesis is a claim, an opinion that needs to be proved valid by the discussion that follows. The thesis must be precise and also formulated such that you can address the questions it raises without exceeding the scope and length of the assignment. The analysis that follows your introduction must include paragraphs guided by clear topic sentences that advance your argument while demonstrating your understanding of both the texts and the characters under consideration.Develop each of your topic sentences fully with discussion and evidence from the text; make each of your main ideas lead logically into the next main idea. To signal the progression of your ideas, use transitional words and phrases that clearly indicate the logical relationship between those ideas and that provide for smooth passage from one paragraph to the next, from one idea to the next. Explain quotes

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