Comparing myths

Compare versions of the same myth, David Bowles’s version of the Hero Twins myth to the Popul Vuh’s version
of the Hero Twins myth
Based on the comparison of your 2 primary sources, what are the key elements of this
Based on your research and close reading of the myths, what do these key elements
suggest about the culture and values of the Mesoamerican peoples?
Paper should:
• Compare & analyze 2 primary sources (the myths)
• use at least 3 appropriate secondary sources to support analysis
• identify the key elements of the myths
• have a clear main thesis with a “so what?” that summarizes the takeaway of the
comparison and appears at the end of your introduction.
• have a creative tile to catch our attention and descriptive subtitle that suggests the topic
you will discuss
• show audience awareness
• follow MLA format for document design, quotations, & the works cited page
• be revised, edited, and proofread
• be 3-4 pages long, not including works cited page

Sample Solution