Competency Assignment: Management Case Studies

Instructions: For each of the case studies below, analyze the situation and then explain how you would respond. Then, for each of the scenarios, find support in your HIM textbooks for your plan of action and describe how your response is supported by management and leadership principles. Include in-text citations and your reference for each case.

CASE 1: Your department always has issues with phone coverage when someone calls in sick or is on vacation. Physicians, nurses and administration have all complained that there are times that they call HIM and nobody answers. The current policy says that whoever is available covers the phone. What are your options? What would you recommend and why?


CASE 2: Susan is 15-30 minutes late to work 2 to 3 days every week. You have talked to her about this several times and in the last conversation you gave her a written warning. It is now 2 weeks since the written warning and she was late again today. How would you address this and what is your next step with Susan?

CASE 3: The HIM Department has a policy of no personal cell phones out or on during work hours except during lunch breaks. As you walk through the department lately, you have been noticing a few cell phones sitting out on desks and they appear to be on and in texting mode. What should you do?


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