Complexities of ADHD and Autism.

Sometimes the greatest leaning occurs when we have an opportunity to explore a topic that intrigues us or
confuses us. This week’s learning resources provide a window into the complexities of ADHD and Autism.

  1. Main Entry: Class Contribution to Learning – Please respond to ONE of the following sets of questions and
    incorporate APA Style in-text citations and information from your readings.
  2. What do you see as some of the pros and cons of placing a child with ADHD on medication? Why would
    some refer to this as a behavioral diagnosis?
  3. What are some of the concerns over the new Autism Spectrum Disorder Diagnosis? Why is this considered
    a neurodevelopmental disorder?
    In your main post share any additional information you discovered and found interesting while you prepared
    your response for this discussion.
    *Include in-text citations and references to the appropriate weekly readings and other credible sources.

Sample Solution