Composition set to a brief

Brief: Flag by Theaster Gates (2012)
SATB unaccompanied choir
The brief is of stitched decommissioned fire hoses, art work was made in reference to the water canons used
against protestors in the 1963 riots of Birmingham. The suggested theme for this assignment is to be a piece
that references the flow of water in the canons, the piece gradually grows in intensity and dissonance,
referencing the harmful and powerful water canons, and gradually slowing returning to the beginning. [This is
suggested, and not a requirement]
Please compose a piece that is between 5-7 minutes.
There are 2 requirements needed to be met:

  1. The piece is written with rhythmic freedom (Think Renaissance motets, basically avoid on beat notes, using
    ties over bars) with a written-out accelerando, and gradually ritardando back to original tempo from beginning
    to the end.
  2. The main melody should be based on melodic invention and transformation. (Pitch cells and variations, ie.
    transposition, added/removed notes, augmentation and diminution, think theme and variations)

Sample Solution