Computerisation of police department

What are your views on computerisation of police department? Who are the stakeholders in the project? Will the project benefit the stakeholders?
What may be the reasons for the non-implementation of the computerisation project for so long? How to make adoption smooth, especially with much of resistant expected? Can we do something in process mapping, or workflow?
What should Ajay do to make the project successful? If the DGP is made responsible for the project, what should be his/her priorities? Should the home minister or the chief minister of the state become interested in the project, what impact it will have on the project implementation? How?
What implementation strategy should be taken to manage such large change?
Identify barriers of the usage of the system (assuming it was successfully implemented)?
What steps need to be taken to ensure successful integration between important depts.? Is BPR (reengineering) required? To what extent?
How should training be organized? How do you deal with illiterate staff? Is contracting viable?

Sample Solution