Conducting a practicum experience.

Write a 3-5 pages APA-formatted essay about what you did during your practicum experience. Though all practica are different, there are common questions to answer. Please consider these prompts when writing your essay: Describe the educational activity or change of process that you created and why it was significant to patient or community health care. Identify how you evaluated your educational activity or change of process for quality improvement, and discuss why this method was used. Describe how you collaborated with nurses and other health care professionals during your practicum and how it affected you. Discuss what resources you used to gain an in-depth knowledge or expertise in an area of nursing you were not already familiar with before the practicum. Thinking about the role your preceptor played in your experience, describe what you learned about preceding in this practicum. Describe how you have changed as a nurse as a result of your practicum experience.

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