Congestive Heart Failure


You will be discussing Acid Base balance and the effects on the heart. Focus on what causes acid /base imbalances (remember the Citric Acid Cycle), and the effects it will have on the heart’s pumping ability.

In the paper, describe both metabolic and respiratory acidosis, and alkalosis, and how you can determine which is which (How do we get the pH of the blood? This would be a great starting point).

Describe what happens pharmacologic-ally to common cardiac drugs when introduced to an acidic environment.

Focus on the acidic environment, as this is what will be the primary issue during cardiac arrest.

Describes methods (plural) to restore the acid/base balance, especially in the cardiac arrest setting (Sodium Bi-Carbonate & CPR). With the medication, explain what happens to that drug, what the drug breaks down into, and why that procedure we use to treat acidosis MUST be adequate in order for it to correct acidosis problems.

Sample Solution