Conquest Adaption

The development of different realms in the Atlantic world was conditioned by contact between Europeans, African
indigenous Americans, including the men and women of each group, not to mention the multiple cultures categori
under each of these broad categories. The contact between peoples took on many forms, including, but not limite
conquest, collaboration, animosity, alliance, conversion, resistance, dominance, and subversion. A recurring them
however, is adaptation, whether by choice, force, or a combination of factors, influenced by the respective cultura
backgrounds of each group. This adaptation, in turn, can be understood more broadly as an example of change
continuity over time.
How did cultural background affect the nature and outcome of contact between two distinct groups of people in a
realm of the Atlantic World?
Required Components:
Select two distinct groups of people who came into contact within a specific region of the Atlantic World.
Explain how or why contact between the groups occurred.
Assess how or why the cultural background of each group affected contact.
Evaluate the outcomes of this contact according to who or what changed or stayed the same.
Research Help: For a collection of sources you might find helpful on this assignment, please see the following res
Fink, Stephanie. “Atlantic World History: Sources to Support the Study of Atlantic World History (Links to an exter
site.).” Accessed February 15, 2016.

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