Construction Management Project

I need a continuation for my first page, this is the topic that I have already started on my first page A need for a facility is identity by the client. (Remember has to be a necessity for the University)
Continue from my first page file of construction management that I have uploaded These are the
followings questions you will be answering.
Abstract (Introduction): This is the section where you introduce the type of project you are going to expound on.
In this part of your writing, you need to bring out a vivid picture of what someone can expect in your work. You
need to make the section as interesting as possible. This is because it gives a picture of how your whole
project will be like.
Phase Two: The decision to proceed with conceptual design is made and a design professional is
retained. Initial feasibility and cost projections are developed.
Body (Starts on the Planning part of the Project):
• What should be the planning part of your project? Start developing
• Abstract (Introduction of the Project)

Sample Solution