construction process

A. Explain in detail how the building was constructed. (You may want to research this by using the library or going to google and typing in the building and construction)

B. From what period or style would you place this building or if you know when the building was built? (You may give dates of the time period such as the Renaissance or the Baroque Period for example, you may use the internet if needed or the library)

C. What are some of the major materials that were used in the construction process? Please explain why that material was utilized by the builders? (Materials are marble, cement, brick, wood, etc.) Sometimes the location of the building will make it possible to utilize that material -hint.

D. Why did you select to write about the building you chose? (This is your own opinion and what you think.) please answer

E. Why is this building considered to be important historically or/and significant? (This can be from your own mind and ideas.)

F. What function did this building serve? (In other words, for what purpose was the building used for originally?)

Sample Solution