Consumer Behavior.

It is a Consumer Behavior Essay that is a side by side comparison of two print ads under the same product category. The print ads that were approved by the professor will be attached to this order. The first print ad is from Pantene with Selena Gomez appearing in it and the second print ad is from Head and Shoulders. This essay needs to incorporate the appropriate consumer behavior theories discussed in the assigned book of the class. The name of the book is: Consumer Behavior 2015 11th edition written by Leon G Schiffman and Joseph Wisenblit. This part is very important so please let me know if you can access the book since it is crucial to make direct reference and citation to the book. This paper consists of two parts. The first part is the psychological and sociological analysis and the second part is the cultural and ad effectiveness of the ads. The total of both papers together is 10-15 pages, it doesn’t matter how one distributes it so the the person that is doing the essay can write the whole thing together and I will make sure to separate it into two papers. The detailed instructions will be attached to this order along with the grading rubric. The approved ads will also be attached along with a picture of the class’ book cover.

Consumer Behavior Term Paper

  1. Select a specific product category (e.g., dog food).
  2. Locate print advertisements for two competing brands with very different advertising themes. Use print ads as the basis for your analysis, so that you can submit the actual ads as exhibits with your paper. Compare the two campaigns in terms of the psychological, sociological, and cultural impact they should have on the consumer, citing specific behavioral science concepts covered in the course.

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