“Contemporary Issues Concerning Spiritual Gifts” by French L. Arrington.

For your initial post, be sure to incorporate your response to each of the questions below including summarizing the article, indicating points of interest, and agreements/ disagreements with the author.
What, in Arrington’s words, is the purpose of this article?
Briefly summarize the article, indicating points of interests/ agreements/disagreements with the author.
Arrington believes the charismata are given to individual Christians. Do you agree with Arrington? Why or Why not?
What is Arrington’s rationale for the relationship between “gifts” and “fruits” of the Spirit? Do you agree/disagree? Why?
Initial post must be a critical, substantive evaluation of these readings in response to the questions listed in #2 above (approximately one small paragraph of substantive response for each question will yield you a good score).

Sample Solution