Contemporary media issues

Based on the readings we’ve covered so far in class, which three contemporary media issues do you think
should be flagged as of the highest importance for understanding global media industries? Why? How should I
structure the essay?
There is no required structure for the essay, but I suggest the following:
Introduction: about 100 words. In a few sentences, give a succinct, punchy summary of the global media industry,
and in this context, identify three issues that you think are of the most important for understanding the global
media industry: issue 1, issue 2, and issue 3.
Issue 1 (use the issue as the subheading, for example, ‘media concentration’. So it’s important to come up with
an issue that we can describe in 2-3 words! We definitely don’t want to see a subheading that is sentences long!)
About 700 words. In 2-3 paragraphs, give a critical, insightful, and succinct discussion of the issue which
shows your deep understanding of the concept. The discussion should not just be a summary of the readings,
but a critical reflection on the readings. The suggested balance of readings and reflection is 4:6. You are
expected to bring in 1-2 examples to support your arguments for each issue. These can be examples from
different countries and from different media industries.

Sample Solution