Content auditing and analysis

Content auditing and analysis is critical to the success of both content strategy and marketing programs.
To start, read your full assignment requirements in Content and comparative review to understand the deliverable. ( I put it in materials)

Check-in is an opportunity for you to ensure that you are on track with requirements. You will set up your “line of inquiry” or research plan by choosing what you’re going to analyze and what scale you’ll use.

Use the project template to set up your organizations, heuristics, and rating scale.

For complete points, you must have

  1. 5 organizations to compare – your client (VWS) and 4 comparators
  2. 15 “heurisitics” (set of criteria) by which you’ll analyze the organization’s content
  3. A rating scale – Examples of scales are Yes/No, Totally/Somewhat/Not at all, Excellent/Okay/Bad)
  4. Apply your heuristics and scale to a review of the client’s web presence

Sample Solution