Coordinate Implementation of Customer Service Strategies within AccorHotels

Theory: Coordinating the Initiative
This assessment requires you to demonstrate your ability to identify the needs and priorities of an AccorHotels in delivering services to guests/customers, responding to and reporting on guest/customer feedback, designing strategies to improve delivery of products and services, and to have knowledge of the principles of customer service. To achieve this you must complete the following task using the assistance of your sales team:
1.1 How will you discover the guest/customer needs for our business?
1.2 What options do you have for change in your hotel site inspections? Who makes approval for these changes?
1.3 What alternative information could you provide to potential client that would improve your customer service delivery during a site inspection?
1.4 How could you incorporate the use of business technology and/or online services into your site inspections of information to the customer?

Theory: Supporting the Implementation
Task 2 requires that you support the implementation of the site inspection at the hotel. To demonstrate your ability to do this, complete the following Tasks:
Based on the site inspection created during the session, address the following on your own paper:
2.1 How will you promote your customer service strategies to your team?
2.2 Allocate your budget using the figures available for a hotel site inspection.
2.3 How would you handle customer requests during site inspections?

Theory: Evaluating the Implementation
Task 3 requires that you evaluate and report on the customer service that you offered to those who took up the services and products of the hotel site inspection. To achieve this, address the following on your own paper:
3.1 How will you collect data regarding your customer service strategies? What data will you use and how will you collect it? Over what period of time would you collect the data? Remember this will include complaints, so ensure that your plans reflect the AccorHotels policies and procedures on Customer Relationship Management.
3.2 How will you identify changes that are necessary to maintain the service standards to the individuals and or groups using the services and products?





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