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Complete a map of core operational processes appraisal and report for your school. The appraisal and report
are an analysis of your school’s core processes regarding a) Facilities Maintenance, b) School Safety and c)
School Climate. The area of a). Facilities Maintenance is reviewed, mapped, and
analyzed using a K-12 fulton county district level perspective. The areas of b). School Safety and c). School Climate are
completed at the school level.
(II) Data Collection
Collect data from internal stakeholders, including document reviews, interviews, observations, and web
resources, among others. You must collect data from the district for the Facilities Maintenance area. Collect
school level data and support with district level data as appropriate for the areas of School Safety and School
Climate. Compare and contrast differences you find in written policy or procedures with the way
requirements are actually implemented. Consider interviewing school or district leaders responsible for
oversight of each policy area.
(III) Document Reviews
Review and analyze documents relevant to each area. Review of the district’s long-term facilities plan
(Facilities Maintenance), school-level safety plan (School Safety), and student handbook (School Climate) is
required. You must upload a copy of these three documents in Course Den or provide an active, working link
to the online source. Other documents to consider are schedules (academic and exploratory classes, lunch
schedules, bell schedules, etc.), school improvement plans, technology plans, the student management system,
and others. Make sure to review documents from all levels of the school system.
(IV) Report Contents
Complete a written report to deliver to your principal. Include key findings, recommendations for
improvement, and areas for celebration in each of the three investigated areas. Make sure to explain all of the
methods that you used to collect data, the documents that you reviewed, the questions that you asked
stakeholders, and how you analyzed the data. Make sure to identify areas of possible improvement and discuss
the possible impact on instruction and student learning. Connect your work to instruction, student learning, and
professional development whenever possible. While it is not necessary to provide a transcript of interviews,
you may want to include the data collection instruments and questions asked as appendices.




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