Corporate Governance and Risk Management

Corporate Governance and Risk ManagementSummative Assessment Background: You are an independent consultant who advises UK listed companies in respect of corporate govemance and risk management issu..You have been approached by the Chair of the Board of Your Allocated Case Study Company and have been asked to prepare a report for the Board that reviews their current corporate governance practices and risk management approach. The Chair requires a report that will add value to the company. Further details are as follows: They have asked you to write a 3,500 word business report which is clearly defined in two sections. The requirement for Section A is detailed below. Section A: Critically evaluate the extent to which the company (your client) demonstrates engagement with best practice of corporate governance in accordance with the UK Corporate Governance Code and current best practice demonstrated/recognised by other companies.Your analysis should not be solely r.tricted to their disclosures in the annual report and should consider any wider factors which are relevant. Your client is aware that you will not be able to focus on all elements of corporate governance as part of your report so require you to identify and justify the area(s) that you feel are most relevant to your client.

Sample Solution