Cost Accounting – Cost Allocation Plan Policy and Procedure

2)Write up a cost allocation plan policy and procedure for a company (can be your own or a friend or family member) must be an actual company. a.Submission of the company’s business card is required by the end of the 10th session b. Define direct, indirect costs and what is overhead based on the company’s chart of accounts i.The chart of accounts must be an attached c. Address how department/location/ service costs are allocated – refer to chapter 4 d. Address how the overhead is allocated e. Create data or acquire data to demonstrate before the allocation and after the allocation has been performed the effect on the departmental/service/location income statements. Requirements 1.The paper must be written in APA format. a. There are 2 primary ways you will use APA formatting: referencing and use of section headers. b.Referencing must be in APA style. Please see APA website for style information sheets. 2. The paper should be approximately 4-6 pages in length (not including a cover page or references). 3.The paper should include at least one to two references to the IMA Statement of Ethical professional practice Signature Assignment Rubric The project is worth a total of 100 points, the grading will be based on the below schemes; Content: 40 pt Full explanation of topic Introduction to topic Background, method, results Conclusion to paper Depth of thought: 30pt Provided own conclusions and thoughts Critical analysis of research Provide future directions Clarity: 20pt Written in clear and understandable language Logical order Provides connections among papers Succinct language Grammar/Technical aspect: APA style / other requirements: 10pt Includes section headers Referencing within paper Reference page at end (with all references from paper) Papers will be marked down if they do not follow the guidelines for the project or if they fail to present adequate data to support the conclusion. Use concepts and terminology from your Cost Management course. Avoid the use of vague generalities, unpersuasive non-technical arguments, unsubstantial or irrelevant blanket statements and superficial descriptions.

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