Creating A Flash back Story

Write a flash story about one (1) of the following situations*:
1. Vowing not to bathe for an entire year, a neglected stepson becomes obsessed with a neighbor
2. In a post-apocalyptic world, a spoiled teenager uncovers a hidden family secret.
3. Longing for a simpler life, an out-of-work writer gets trapped in a parallel universe.
4. While dog-sitting, an unsuccessful comedian develops short-term memory loss
5 After too many cups of coffee, a single mother of three slowly transforms into a centaur.
6. After being left at the alter, a pathological liar goes on a game show. The story (or poem, if you like) should be one-page long, and tumed in as a 2nd document. * These situations thanks to a terrific book called The Amazing Story Generator by Jason Sacher. Embarassed


























































Sample Solution