Creating effective process for email marketing challenges in e-commerce marketplace.


Do the dissertation proposal on the topic given above and look into the content as well if it related to what am talking about if not you can come up with the content that will be discussed on the dissertation. A copy of the dissertation handbook is attached with this order please have a look at it for guideline on what is expected of us and also the time table format that need to be done in the proposal is gantt charts you will also see this in the handbook. Please read the handbook! We are submitting the dissertation in September just structure the time table from June till September.

Topic: Creating Effective Process for Email Marketing Challenges in E-commerce Marketplace.

1. Introduction or Executive Summary
2. Existing Processes in Email Marketing industry
3. Competitive Analysis in Email Marketing
4. Retention Vs Acquisition of Subscriber in Email Marketing
5. Market Share of Email Marketing in Digital Marketing
6. Challenges in Email Marketing
7. Solution to Email Marketing Challenges
I. Challenges Analysis ( SWOT or Pestle Analysis)
II. Process and Structural Framework (Structural Diagram to be included)
III. Subscriber Retention and Acquisition Process for marketing improvement
IIII. Competitive Practices to gain Market share.

Sample Solution