Crime scene report

Play the game using the link provided hpoteatl usemame lAnythinggoes password
There are 29 items you can collect in this scene. 13 of them are important, 16 not important.
When you collect items, please look at the collection screen carefully. There might be items you need to collect off that screen as well. And, don’t forget the witness, please! Then, when you think you’ve figured out what the 13 important scene items are, go on to the crime lab. There, you need to pick your tests carefully. Remember you must request all the testing that you want completed all at once on every item of evidence. You will receive your results instantly. Save those results! You will then have access to those results and all information for when you write your report.
You need to use the attached documents as your starting points for the reports.
Once you have analyzed the crime scene to your satisfaction I want you to write a crime scene report. In this report I want you to

  1. Tell me your actions leading up to you entering the crime scene room 2. Tell me what the apartment consisted of. 3. Tell me what the room looked like. 4. Tell me what you did inside that room.
    The final report should be a crime scene report, a report of the lab findings, plus your reconstruction all in one, a reconstruction is an opinion of what took place before the police arrived at the crime scene based on the evidence and witness testimony. Don’t forget to include your table of evidence in this report.

Sample Solution