Textbook: it’s on Chegg

Discussion Questions – Chapter’s 6 through 9

Chapter 6

  1. What are the ways to help promote cultural competency through the use of TF-CBT with victims of trafficking?
  2. What settings is TF-CBT best utilized in?

Chapter 7

  1. In what ways is survivor advocacy advantageous? In what ways is it negative?
  2. What are possible triggers to watch out for as someone speaks out or advocates for legislation using their own personal experiences?

Chapter 8

  1. What are common stigmas or misconceptions about CSEC? How does this hurt public perception of the issue? Provide concrete examples.
  2. How can we better coordinate services to identify and treat CSEC? What are the main barriers and how would you address them?

Chapter 9

  1. How do we create policies that work in both sending and receiving countries? How would we operationalize them?
  2. Where are the gaps in policies and how do we bridge them?

Sample Solution