Criminal Justice in the USA

This assignment will ask you to research the criminal justice system in the United States. Answer each question as thoroughly as you can and make sure you meet the word count. Everything you write needs to be in your own words. 1. What is the total number of people incarcerated in this country at the federal, state, and local level? 2. How does this compare to other countries around the world? (100 + words) 3. In your opinion, what do you think about the death penalty? (100+ words) 4. List the counties in this world that have the death penalty? 5. How does America fit in this list? (150+ words) 6. In your opinion, how successful is the “War of Drugs”? (150 + words) 7. What are the positives of the “War on Drugs”? (150 + words) 8. What are the negatives of the “War on Drugs”? (150 + words) 9. In your opinion, has putting drug users in jail helped stop or lessen the use of drugs in this country? (150 + words)



Sample Solution