Criminal law


After you watch/read/listen to the given resource, you will write a 1,000 word paper; roughly two pages single-spaced. The paper needs to summarize the material from the resource and draw connections to the content from the course. Note that the prior statement is critical: you must directly connect the resource to content found in my lectures and/or the textbook. Doing well on this assignment also requires that you write an essay other people in the class might want to read. It should read well (e.g., grammar, spelling, professional tone), be engaging, and it should teach them something about criminal behavior as covered in this class. Key points to consider in writing the Supplemental Resource Reviews include: Write the paper for an internal audience — other students who want to learn about the resource you reviewed and how it relates to content from the class.
Provide a structure for the review — have a beginning that frames your primary focus, middle paragraphs that cover core issues, and a summary. Focus on the key points/themes/ideas covered in the resource — do NOT provide a blow-by-blow narrative (“and then another guy talked about….”). Focus on criminal behavior — show the reader how information presented in the video, article, podcast, or website relates to criminal behavior as studied in this class (i.e., individual variability in antisocial activity). Use your own words — do NOT copy material directly from the resource. Even quotes should be used sparingly. Instead, we want you to paraphrase things using your own writing. Connect the resource to course content — use the resource to demonstrate specific ideas from the lectures and/or textbook.








Sample Solution