Brereton (1996) states that crime policies need to be informed by research and theories. Choose one crime ‘issue’ from the list below and examine how and in what ways it has been informed by researchand theories.

research the ways that policy has attempted to address or solve a ‘crime issue’. In answering the question,you might consider some of the following:
•State what the crime issue is and its background;
•Explore how the crime became an ‘issue’(e.g. from mediareports, communitygroups,via politicians, etc.);
•Show the ways that different stakeholders responded to the crime issue;
•Analyse the policy and how it addresses the issue;
•An analysis of the policy (which may include legislation and/or programs) put in place to address the issue, including an evaluation of the success or otherwise of the policy response;
•Identify what criminological approach, theory,conceptsor model of justice (e.g., welfare verses punishment)applies best to the policyand explain why; and
•Students are advised to present an argument in the introduction what gives detail of the argument, and remember, you are not writing a mystery novel.

one issue from the list below:
•Extreme provocation law
•Assisted death / suicide
•Pill testing at music festivals

At least 10 references must be used which may include media reports, crime theory and concepts, legislation, cases or parliamentary reportsand policy papers, and programs.

Sample Solution