Critical Analysis for the Cinema

1. What happens in the narrative, focus on the technical elements: shot, editing, cinematography, angles, colors, sound, script, acting, design, etc. Endow your emerging thesis with an enhanced awareness of how the film ‘did what it did.’
2. What is the film’s overall narrative tone? Comedic? Dramatic? Both?
3. What is the film’s genre? Superhero? Fantasy/ Sci Fi? Drama? Action?
4. What is its structure? (linear, non-linear, flashbacks, flash-forwards, episodes)
5. What does the film aspire to do? Entertain? Provoke thought? Educate?
6. To what extent does the film strive for realism?
7. To what extent is the film stylized?
8. What are the dominant themes explored?
9. Which emotional reactions does the film seem to strive for and how?
10. Which elements are particularly successful/unsuccessful?
11. Individual creative contributions by the director, writer, actors, cinematographer etc can be singled out. Name them. Give them credit.







Sample Solution